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    Being the most well known Japanese martial art (and practically a household name among all martial arts), Karate began as an Okinawan striking system which over time has combined elements of Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu/Wushu) and other non-striking Japanese martial arts (Judo, Aikido, etc.) to become the diverse set of separate styles recognized today. One Karate style, Uechi-Ryu, even incorporates Tiger, Crane, and Dragon movements similar to certain Kung Fu styles which implement their own animal components. Karate’s most famous move might be the eponymous “Karate Chop” aka “Knife Hand” even though this move is found in many other martial arts. Such is the broad connection Karate shares with other fighting styles. Contrary to poplar belief, Karate is not solely limited to standard punches and kicks (and the knife hand) but uses nearly every surface of the body for attack and defense. This misconception is probably due to competitive Karate disallowing more lethal strikes like those to certain pressure points and soft areas of the body to reduce risk of injury. I’m no Karate expert but a fan of awesome fight choreography so I decided to delve a bit deeper and research some of the Karate styles used in certain martial arts films. So here's a compilation of some Karate fight scenes.

    Here are links to the short films featured in this video:
    Graduation - A Karate Story (Shauntron):
    (Eric Jacobus; information on Karate styles used):
    Ness (Full Film):
    Ness (Fight Scene):
    Ness (Hiroshi Adachi's channel):
    Osu 2:
    Da Uomo a Uomo Vol. 2:
    Part 1 Chapter C:
    Dragon Lady:

    List of movies/television series and Karate Styles featured in order of appearance:
    1. Fighter in the Wind (Shotokan & Kyokushin)
    2. Ip Man (Shotokan)
    3. Graduation - A Karate Story (Kyokushin, Ken Zen Do, & Gasho-Ryu)
    4. The Street Fighter (Kyokushin & Goju-Ryu)
    5. Fearless/Huo Yuanjia (Shotokan)
    6. Ness (Gasho-Ryu)
    7. The Karate Kid (Shotokan & Okinawan)
    8. The Legend of the Fist (Shotokan & "Freestyle")
    9. Osu (Shotokan & Shorei-Ryu)
    10. No Retreat, No Surrender (Shotokan)
    11. Fist of Legend (Kenpo & "Freestyle")
    12. Osu 2 (Shotokan, Kyokushin, Shorei-Ryu, & Goju-Ryu/Uechi-Ryu)
    13. Blood and Bone (Shorei-Ryu (XMA))
    14. The Wrath of Vajra (Shotokan & Goju-Ryu/Uechi-Ryu)
    15. Da Uomo a Uomo Vo. 2 (Shotokan)
    16. Hoero! Takken (Kyokushin)
    17. The Way of the Dragon (Shito-Ryu)
    18. Black Belt (Shotokan & Meibukan Goju-Ryu)
    19. Part 1 Chapter C (Shotokan & Shorei-Ryu)
    20. Bad Blood (Shotokan)
    21. Heroes of the East ("Sino-Okinawan" (Uechi-Ryu?))
    22. Dragon Lady (Shotokan & Shorei-Ryu)
    23. Bloodsport (Shotokan)
    24. The Legend is Born: Ip Man (Shotokan)
    25. Money Train (Shotokan)
    26. The Legend of Bruce Lee (Shotokan/Shito-Ryu)
    27. The Perfect Weapon (American Kenpo)
    28. Interpol Connection (Goju-Ryu Seigokan)

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